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Gaby ChoHarrisHeartbreaker
JulesKiwi AdairMiles Forrester
Nate GriffinOfficer Mike VeachOphelia
Pure HeroineSuckerSweet/Vicious
Sweet Vicious WikiThe BlueprintThe Writings on the Wall
File:'Darlington' Official Teaser PromoFile:'Get Help Now' Sexual Assault PSA Sweet Vicious (Season 1) MTVFile:'Jules Threatens Ophelia' Official Sneak Peek (Episode 1)
File:'You Met A Boy?' Official Sneak Peek (Episode 2) MTVFile:Aboutbanner.pngFile:Badass Moments Jules's Big Threat (Episode 1)
File:SV- Jules, Ophelia 4.jpgFile:SV- Jules.jpgFile:SV- Jules and Ophelia 3.jpg
File:SV- Ophelia 1.jpgFile:SV - Jules, Ophelia .jpgFile:SV - Jules, Ophelia 2 .jpg
File:Sucker.jpgFile:Sweet-vicious.jpgFile:Sweet Vicious (Season 1) 'Ophelia Meets Jules' Official Sneak Peek (Episode 1) MTV
File:Sweet Vicious (Season 1) 'Revenge by Numbers' Official Promo MTVFile:Sweet Vicious (Season 1) 'Sweet Attack Bear Hug From Behind' Official Clip MTVFile:Sweet Vicious (Season 1) 'Sweet Attack Full Mount Escape' Official Clip MTV
File:Sweet Vicious (Season 1) 'Sweet Attack Shoulder Grab Defense' Official Clip MTVFile:Sweet Vicious (Season 1) Badass Moments Jules's Big Threat (Episode 1) MTVFile:Sweet Vicious (Season 1) Badass Moments Jules Takes Down Will (Episode 1) MTV
File:Sweet Vicious (Season 1) Badass Moments Ophelia Hits the Bong (Episode 1) MTVFile:Sweet Vicious (Season 1) Official First Act (Episode 1) MTVFile:Sweet Vicious (Season 1) Official Teaser Promo MTV
File:Sweet Vicious (Season 1) Official Trailer MTVFile:Sweet Vicious 2.jpgFile:The blueprint.jpg
File:The writings on the wall.jpgFile:Twitterbanner.pngFile:Tyler.png

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