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Jules Thomas is one of the main characters of Sweet/Vicious.


Jules is the perfect sorority girl. She balances her life of being a college student while also serving up vigilante justice on her school’s campus.[1]


During 1 year prior to the pilot, Jules was sexually assualted by her best friend's boyfriend, Nate. Traumatized by the experience, she went home that summer and began training in martial arts so she could get vengeance for other girls who had been raped. The series opens with her breaking into the room of a fraternity and begins fighting with a man who raped a girl named Beth. She then returns to her sorority house and into her room. The next night, while she is fighting another rapist when she encounters Ophelia, a weed-dealing hacker, who helped her escape from a security guard, unknownly leaving behind her sorority necklace for Ophelia to track her by. The next day, Ophelia delivers weed to her sorriest house while it is hosting a party, Jules recognizes her and pretends to be drunk to get her alone. She warns her to stay away and tells her to leave the house immediately. Before Ophelia leaves, she places a tracking software into Jules's phone and tracks her to a car shop the next night. Jules went to confront a rapist but was overpowered and knocked out. He threatened to kill her but Ophelia snuck behind him and hit him in the head with a crowbar, accidentally killing him. Jules awakens and panics over the dead body. Ophelia assures her that everything will be okay to calm her down, Jules collects herself and decides they should bury the body. Ophelia drives them to a bar first where Jules sees a guy she had flirted with before, they talk and she begins to put her number in his phone but sees his lockscreen is him and the man Ophelia killed. She puts her number in his phone and she and Ophelia quickly leave but when they get outside the car they put the body in has dissapeared. Afterward, we find out that Jules is actually the daughter of the sheriff and friends with the cops at the station, which really helps when reclaiming Ophelia's car, which had been towed. Also, her best friend is getting suspicious of Jules leaving at all hours of the night.


Jules is Caucasian with blonde hair which she usually styles in curls, she has an slim figure and is fair height.


  • Martial Arts - After she was raped, Jules trained in many forms of martial arts becoming very adept at fighting allowing her to become a vigilante.


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